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Recipe Collection - DIY Takeaway!

All the joy of the takeaway menu with a little bit less of the guilt as Pennie Latin searches through the Kitchen Café recipe collection for ideas inspired by fast food!

Fast food fun but with all that homemade flavour packed in too!

This week Pennie Latin searches through the Kitchen Café recipe archives for recipes inspired by a weekend takeaway. So if you want to make the best burger ever then Neil Forbes has the perfect formula; queen of Italian cooking Mary Contini has an utterly simple but delicious pizza on her menu while Sue Lawrence provides the how-to on the ultimate treat night pud with Orkney fudge cheesecake.

Loads of delicious ideas with a nod to the naughty for when you're feeling like treating yourself but keeping it homemade!

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28 minutes

Sue Lawrence's Parmesan Chicken Drumsticks

Mary Contini's Homemade Pizza

Sharan Dhesi and Manju Dhesi Dhami's Onion Bhaji