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Sitar virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee with Kathryn Tickell

Kathryn Tickell with a studio session from Indian sitar virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee plus a Road Trip from Greenland

Kathryn Tickell with a studio session from Indian sitar virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee, with tabla player Gurdain Rayatt, who are performing in London at the Darbar Festival. For this week's Road Trip, Karsten Sommer reports from Greenland, and our Classic Artist is the late Algerian singer Rachid Taha. Also in the show, alt-rock band legends They Might Be Giants present this week's Music Planet Mixtape.

Listen to the world - Music Planet, Radio 3's new world music show presented by Lopa Kothari and Kathryn Tickell, brings us the best roots-based music from across the globe - with live sessions from the biggest international names and the freshest emerging talent; classic tracks and new release, and every week a bespoke Road Trip from a different corner of the globe, taking us to the heart of its music and culture. Plus special guest Mixtapes and gems from the BBC archives. Whether it's traditional Indian ragas, Malian funk, UK folk or Cuban jazz, you'll hear it on Music Planet.

2 hours

Music Played

  • Calypso Rose

    Israel by Bus

    • So Calypso!.
    • Because Music.
    • 3.
  • Purbayan Chatterjee and Gurdain Rayatt

    Raga Kedar (alap, johr) (Studio Session)

  • Shooglenifty and Dhun Dhora

    Bovaglie's Plaid

    • Written in Water.
    • Shoogle.
    • 1.
  • Shooglenifty and Dhun Dhora

    A'Bhriogais Uallach

    • Written in Water.
    • Shoogle.
    • 4.
  • Jasmine Sandlas

    Illegal Weapon

    • BBC Asian Network Live 2018.
  • Gaye Su Akyol

    Istikrarh Hayal Hakikattir

    • Istikrarh Hayal Hakikattir.
    • Glitterbeat.
    • 1.
  • Furrow Collective

    False True Love

    • Fathoms.
    • Hudson Records.
  • Purbayan Chatterjee and Gurdain Rayatt

    Raga Hamir (Studio Session)

  • Purbayan Chatterjee and Gurdain Rayatt

    Raga Kirwani (Studio Session)

  • Uussaqaq

    Alataqs song (Road Trip)

    • Traditional Greenlandic Music vol. 1.
    • Ulo.
  • Inuuteq Napa

    Tiguaqs Song (Road Trip)

    • Traditional Greenlandic Music.
    • Ulo.
  • Erinarsoqatigiissuit

    Qaalersup Aappilliunneratut (Road Trip)

    • Traditional Greenlandic Music.
    • Ulo.
  • Louis Andreassen

    Saqqissaq/Rhinelander (Road Trip)

    • Qavaat.
    • Ulo.
  • Vaigat Orchestra & Tuukkakkormiut

    Nuna Hawaii (Road Trip)

    • Ulo.
  • Rasmus Lyberth

    Ilami Sorme (Road Trip)

    • Erninga.
    • Lyberth Music.
  • Sume

    Kalaaliuvunga (Road Trip)

    • Sume.
    • Ulo.
  • The Hooky Mat project

    Ah Cud Hew

    • The Hooky Mat Project.
    • Hooky Mat Records.
  • They Might Be Giants

    The Famous Polka

    • Then: The Earlier Years.
    • Restless Records.
  • Ali Akbar Khan and Nikhil Banerjee

    Rag Manj Khammaj (Heritage Track)

    • Signature Series Volume 4.
    • AMMP.
  • Purbayan Chatterjee and Gurdain Rayatt

    Thumri (Studio Session)

  • Carte de Séjour

    Douce France (Classic Artist)

    • Rock El Casbah - The Best Of.
    • Wrasse Records.
  • Rachid Taha

    Barra Barra (Classic Artist)

    • Made in Medina.
    • Barclay.
    • 1.
  • Sir Jablonsky

    Juck Juck (Mixtape)

    • Panama! 2: Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk On The Isthmus 1967-77.
    • Soundway ‎.
  • Luke Kelly and The Dubliners

    The Old Triangle (Mixtape)

    • A Time to Remember.
    • Celtic Airs.
  • Hot 8 Brass Band

    Ghost Town (Mixtape)

    • The Life & Times Of....
    • Tru Thoughts.
  • Northern Flyway


    • Northern Flyway.
    • Hudson Records.
  • Kitty Macfarlane

    Starling Song

    • Namer of Clouds.
    • Navigator Records.


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