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Alice Coltrane and other female jazz practitioners

After finding a scandalous quote about Alice Coltrane, Stuart honours female jazz players. Plus new music from Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, Needlepoint and Tim Hecker.

After finding a scandalous quote about Alice Coltrane, Stuart choses Journey to Satchidananda as his featured album and honours female jazz players including bassist Ruth Goller, trumpeter Laura Jurd and saxophonist Barbara Thompson. Plus there’s new music from Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, another track from Needlepoint after a rapturous reception for their new album and Canadian electronic artist Tim Hecker returns with an record inspired by the ancient court music of Japan.

2 hours

Music Played

  • She Trinity

    Climb That Tree

    • Destroy That Boy! More Girls With Guitars.
    • Ace.
  • Vinyl Williams

    Nether Congrenes

    • Opal.
    • Requiem Pour Un Twister.
  • Reet Maff'l

    Is It Clearer?

    • That'll Be.
    • Bloxham Tapes.
  • Alice Coltrane

    Journey in Satchidananda

    • Journey In Satchidananda.
    • Impulse!.
  • Snowpoet


    • Thought You Knew.
    • Edition Records.
  • Dinosaur

    Quiet Thunder

    • Wonder Trail.
    • Edition Records.
  • Amon Düül II

    Burning Sister

    • Yeti.
    • Liberty.
  • Alice Coltrane

    Something About John Coltrane

    • Journey In Satchidananda.
    • Impulse!.
  • GUFO

    About Death

    • GUFO.
    • Self-Released.
  • Barbara Thompson & Paraphernalia


    • Everlasting Flame.
    • VeraBra Records.
  • BEAK>

    Allé Sauvage

    • >>>.
    • Invada Records.
  • Sealionwoman


    • Siren.
    • Antigen Records.
  • Laura Jurd


    • Human Spirit.
    • Chaos Collective.
  • Needlepoint

    In My Field Of View

    • The Diary Of Robert Reverie.
    • BJK Music.
  • Tim Hecker

    This Life

    • Konoyo.
    • kranky.
  • Beyond The Wizards Sleeve


    • The Soft Bounce.
    • Phantasy Sound.
  • Alice Coltrane

    Shiva Loka

    • Journey In Satchidananda.
    • Impulse!.
  • Paul Jacobs


    • Easy.
    • Stolen Body Records.
  • Nubya Garcia

    When We Are

    • When We Are.
    • Nyasha.
  • Favourite Animals

    Confirm Or Deny

    • Favourite Animals.
    • Luminous.