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High-flying lawyer Shazia navigates a shambolic M8, family life, smug colleagues and her own unapologetic apoplexy on a commute from hell.

Forgetting her bag on the most important day of a major case is only the start of a super challenging day for high-flying lawyer Shazia.
Join her as she navigates a shambolic M8, while struggling to keep the legal case from collapse, preventing her smug colleagues from wrecking her career and foiling her meddling mum’s plans - all while dealing with her own unapologetic apoplexy and a tampered-with playlist. Will this commute from hell ruin her life, or will she somehow manage to pull it all together?

Starring -

Nalini Chetty as Shazia
Ashley Smith as Michelle
Gavin Mitchell as Andrew
Robbie Jack as Danny
Mandy Bhari as Mum

Written by Maryam Hamidi and developed with BBC Writersroom.

17 minutes


Hear from the writers on the BBC Writersroom blog

Hear from the writers on the BBC Writersroom blog

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