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Shula attempts to bring the family together and Jolene has a plan

Fallon and Harrison’s wedding albums arrive from the printer’s. Harrison goes to the Bull to drop off some copies for Jolene, and they agree that they need to bring Fallon and Kenton together, somehow. Making time to look at the wedding albums is the perfect excuse for a family dinner. Fallon grudgingly agrees to have them over on Tuesday when Harrison claims that Kenton is really looking forward to seeing the pictures. Jolene promises Harrison that she’ll talk Kenton round.

At the Stables Shula has no luck persuading Freddie to go out riding. Freddie makes her promise not to tell Elizabeth about Friday, when he opened up to Alistair about his fears regarding the sentencing. When Elizabeth comes to visit she decides he needs to get out of Ambridge. So Elizabeth takes Freddie to the Sea Life centre in Birmingham. He and Lily loved going there as children, and it brings back some happy memories. Nigel used to do a very irritating clownfish impression! Afterwards, they go bowling. They try to stick to happy topics, but agree that they miss Lily. They still don’t know anything about the college’s investigation into Russ. Freddie insists on treating Elizabeth to a burger. There’s no point saving the money now – live for today. Glad to finally see an improvement in his mood, Elizabeth enthusiastically agrees.

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