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Gail Jones, 1930s' crime fiction, Marlowe and Holmes revisited

Gail Jones on her new novel The Death of Noah Glass, new life for Philip Marlowe and Sherlock Holmes and MP Rachel Reeves explains why she's championing a 1930s' crime novel.

Australian author Gail Jones discusses her new book The Death of Noah Glass, a meditation on grief, fatherhood and the transformational power of art.

Lawrence Osborne and HB Lyle explain how they've breathed new life into the stories of fictional detectives Philip Marlowe and Sherlock Holmes.

Jennifer Croll, Editorial Director at Greystone Books, recommends The Ravenmaster, a memoir of caring for the ravens at the Tower of London.

And MP Rachel Reeves explains how she bought back to life a novel by one of her parliamentary predecessor's - The Division Bell Mystery by Ellen Wilkinson.

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  • Gail Jones

    Duration: 09:11

  • Reviving iconic detectives in literature

    Duration: 07:56

  • Editor's Tip - The Ravenmaster

    Duration: 03:33

  • The Division Bell Mystery

    Duration: 06:10


Role Contributor
Presenter Mariella Frostrup
Interviewed Guest Gail Jones
Interviewed Guest Rachel Reeves
Interviewed Guest Lawrence Osborne
Interviewed Guest H B Lyle
Interviewed Guest Jennifer Croll


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