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The Hoo Peninsula, Kent

Clare Balding is walking in someone else's shoes for this edition of Ramblings... a pair of pink fluffy slippers.

Clare Balding is walking in someone else’s shoes for this edition of Ramblings.

She’s joined, on the Hoo Peninsula in Kent, by the artist, Clare Patey and the author, Roman Krznaric. They are – respectively – the Director and Founder of The Empathy Museum. On their walk from Gravesend Station to the Cliffe Pools Nature Reserve, Clare and Roman describe one of the Empathy Museum’s projects: “A Mile in My Shoes”.

Inspired by the saying: “Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins” the project travels the UK, and the world, in a shipping container which is decorated as a gigantic shoe-box. Inside are rows of other people’s shoes, and audio-recordings of their own personal stories. The idea is that visitors wear a pair of shoes, and go for a walk, while listening to the shoe owner’s story.

The stories range from a Herefordshire farmer discussing his search for love (you wear a pair of his old work boots to walk and listen) to a former sex worker (red high heels). For part of this walk, Clare Balding will wear a pair of fluffy pink slippers and hear a powerful tale.

The idea behind the project is to expose listeners to the stories of people they wouldn’t otherwise meet, in order to promote empathy.
The project has a podcast – the link is further down on this web-page.

Producer: Karen Gregor

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25 minutes

Clare in the pink slippers

Clare in the pink slippers

Hoo Peninsula

Hoo Peninsula

Overlooking the Thames Estuary

Overlooking the Thames Estuary

Industry on the Hoo Peninsula

Industry on the Hoo Peninsula


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Presenter Clare Balding
Interviewed Guest Clare Patey
Interviewed Guest Roman Krznaric
Producer Karen Gregor


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