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Episode 6: Blood Lines

The stories of two people who sleep rough on the streets of Spitalfields in east London. Audrey tries to find Tara's children, who she has not seen since they were babies.

Life on the streets is hard and precarious but every soul who sleeps on a pavement has a story. Tara and George is a six-part series exploring the lives of two people in their late forties who sleep rough in London's Spitalfields. It asks the simple questions - what led them there and why do they remain?

Journalist Audrey Gillan has come to know them as neighbours in this diverse and fashionable area of the capital, and has been recording her conversations with Tara and George for nearly two years.

In this final episode, Audrey tries to find Tara's children who she hasn't seen since they were babies. She goes back up to County Durham to talk to the brother who has long believed George to be dead and visits George's estranged - and ailing - father in Derby.

Written and presented by Audrey Gillan
Produced by Audrey Gillan and Johnny Miller
Original music by Francis Macdonald
Series Producer: Alan Hall

A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.

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28 minutes


Who are Tara and George?

Who are Tara and George?

Tara and George are rough sleepers in Spitalfields.