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Religious education, Recovery walks, Moral economy

Recovery walks for those with addiction, how shards of glass have shed light on the history of a cathedral, and should religious education be renamed religion and worldviews?

As Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing comes to an end, the BBC's White House reporter Tara McKelvey talks to William about his religious background and how it might appeal to the religious conservatives.

Should Religious Education be renamed Religion and Worldviews and include non-religious perspectives such as Humanism and atheism? A major commission on RE has urged the Department for Education to do just this. William discusses it's findings with Rev John Hall, Dean of Westminster Abbey and chair of the commission.

The Visible Recovery Movement is an alternative to 12 step fellowship programmes for those with addiction. Rosie Dawson went on a recovery walk in Shrewsbury to find out more.

Professor Alison Scott-Baumann from SOAS tells William about the biggest research study ever of Muslim students in British universities.

As the Archbishop of Canterbury warns of the need for the wealthy to be taxed more, theologian Dr Ian Paul and Andy Walton from the Centre for Theology and Community discuss whether the Archbishop is right.

The Chief Rabbi has issued guidance for Orthodox Jewish schools on how to protect and improve the lives of LGBT pupils. Journalist Angela Epstein explains what the guidance entails and reaction to it.

Harry Farley continues his series of interviews with politicians about their faith and politics by talking to the Conservative MP Gary Streeter.

Producers: Catherine Earlam
Peter Everett
Series Producer: Amanda Hancox.

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