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Susan has a confession to make, and Adam offers some feedback.

Natasha's feedback about Bridge Farm hits Tom hard. She's criticised almost every aspect of the business, from their failure to get the best price for Tony's organic beef to the time they've wasted on the kefir. Helen doesn't think she's qualified to comment on farming, but Adam thinks she might have a point. Natasha says Bridge Farm has over-diversified, and Adam advises Tom to consider where his heart really lies - are they farmers, food manufacturers or retailers..?

Ian's worried that Lexi still hasn't set a date for her return, but Adam insists that they should trust her. Ian's also concerned that his decision to drop Borsetshire Blue might affect his friendship with Helen. But Helen apologises for letting the quality drop. Ian promises to put it back on the menu as soon as she fixes the problem.

Susan still hasn't talked to Lynda about the llama theft, and Clarrie accuses her of cowardice. Susan visits Ambridge Hall and finds Lynda in her shepherd's hut. She makes awkward small talk about the garden, but eventually admits she knows who took Constanza. She talks about how guilty and embarrassed the person who did it feels, and Lynda naturally assumes that Susan's here to confess. Then Susan reveals that this isn't what she came to say. She claims that Clarrie took the llama.

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