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Death Penalty Nun; Leeds Diocese Financial Woes; Islamic Marriage

Sunday morning religious news and current affairs programme, presented by William Crawley. The Church of England's newest diocese is struggling to balance its books.

The Church of England's newest and geographically largest diocese is struggling to balance its books and has reported a £3 million pound shortfall. Rosie Dawson reports from the Leeds diocese.

Pope Francis has closed a loophole in Catholic teaching stating that the death penalty is inadmissible in any circumstances. Sister Helen Prejean, Nobel Peace prize nominee and long-term campaigner against the death penalty, gives William Crawley her response.

Legal Commentator Joshua Rozenberg talks to William Crawley about the significance of a legal ruling recognising an Islamic marriage as having some legal status for the first time.

The first Cardinal in U.S. history has resigned following abuse allegations and could face a church trial. Joshua McElwee of the National Catholic Reporter talks to William Crawley about the dramatic rise and fall of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Influential investment banker and evangelical Christian, Ken Costa talks to Sunday reporter Harry Farley about faith and finance.

The government has decided not to enact a law making it unlawful to discriminate based on caste - a decision that has angered some campaigners but has support from a number of Hindu groups. Rajeev Gupta reports.

As Nicaragua is gripped by violent political unrest, journalist Carl David Goette-Luciak explains to William Crawley why the Catholic church is at the centre of much of the unrest.

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