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Millennial spending, Brexit for businesses, Penny-farthings

Consumer affairs programme. How businesses are preparing for when the UK leaves the EU.

According to new research adults under 30 are more confident in spending than any other age group.
Each month the research company, GFK, asks about two thousand people a number of questions about consumer confidence. They use that to create a kind of index, which over recent years has been pretty low. But new analysis compiled for You and Yours shows that young people are consistently pulling that index up.
We'll talk to a group of young people about what they're spending their money on.

Since the EU referendum we've been speaking to businesses about the impact it's had on them.
The fall in the value of the pound meant some companies importing goods into the UK lost money.
At the same time, it was good news for those exporting produce.
Now, many are making preparations for the UK's exit from the EU - and thinking about how their business might run differently.
We'll speak to a Welsh farmer, a Dutch florist and an English fruit and veg importer about their plans.

And why the penny-farthing bicycle - a symbol of a bygone era - is making something of a comeback among modern thrill seekers. We'll report on a recent British Record attempt to break the longest distance covered in an hour on the Victorian high-wheelers.

Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Jess Quayle.

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