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Sonorities 2018 - Belfast's electronic music festival

Robert Worby presents highlights from Sonorities 2018. An electronic music festival held in Belfast every two years, it promises to stimulate and inspire in equal measure.

Sonorities 2018.
Robert Worby presents highlights from this important festival of electronic music held in Belfast every two years.
In April every 2 years, artists from more than 40 countries across the world gather in Belfast for a week of musical adventure. For over 30 years Sonorities has lead the way for musicians, composers, sound artists to make and present work for curious listeners. As the Sonorities press office puts it: "Occasionally you might leave unimpressed, but more often than not you'll stumble upon something that will change your outlook on music forever."
Music to include:

Isaac Gibson: A Hitchhiker's Purgatory

Paolo Pastorino: Velocità Limite
for fixed media

Marie-Hélène Breault and Martin Bédard: Replica

Nicholas Collins: !trumpet for hybrid electrornics trumpet

Louise Harris: NoisyMass
for live electronics

Sound of the Week: Norwegian composer, Lasse Marhaug on footsteps in the snow.

Pierluigi Billone: Leonardis
for automobile suspension coils and glass

Chris Malloy: A Celestial Breath.

2 hours

Last on

Sat 14 Jul 2018 22:00

Music Played

  • Isaac Gibson

    A Hitchhiker's Purgatory

    Performer: Isaac Gibson.
  • Paolo Pastorino

    Velocita Limite for fixed media

    Performer: Paolo Pastorino.
  • Nicholas Collins

    !trumpet for hybrid electronics trumpet

    Performer: Nicholas Collins.
  • Marie-Helene Breault and Martin Bedard


    Performer: Marie-Helene Breault. Performer: Martin Bédard.
  • Louise Harris

    Noisy Mass for live electronics

    Performer: Louise Harris.
  • Pierluigi Billone Leonardis for automobile suspension coils and glass

    Performer: Simon Limbrick.
  • Chris Malloy

    A Celestial Breath

    Performer: Robert Plane.
  • Dave Murray-Rust and Owen Green Jules Rawlinson

    Raw Green Rust

    Performer: Jules Rawlinson. Performer: Dave Murray-Rust. Performer: Owen Green.


  • Sat 14 Jul 2018 22:00

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