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A Little Thing Like Chocolate Gates Can't Stop Us

Dr Janussen (Cassie Layton) discovers the terrible secret that turned Virginia (Rachel Atkins) into a giant broccoli monster, as Brian (Ryan Sampson) braves the nightmarish cellar.

It's 1952.


Professor Quanderhorn (James Fleet) and his crew are besieged by a mob of alien-possessed villagers. Their only hope - a highly-trained spy parrot with a bad attitude (Kevin Eldon) and an irritating gramophone record by the Queen of the Hammond organ.

Having been permanently fitted with a rather dangerous experimental bra, Brian (Ryan Sampson) finally steels himself to face the nightmare horrors of the professor's cellar, unaware that a secret camera is set to expose him.

Meanwhile, Dr Janussen (Cassie Layton) has discovered a message from Virginia (Rachel Atkins) revealing the terrible secret that turned her into a broccoli monster.

As Troy (Freddie Fox) and Guuuurk (Kevin Eldon) join the not-quite-romantic pair while fleeing the merciless cellar defences, Troy inadvertently presses the wrong lift button and they find themselves heading pell mell....for the Moon.

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations - an adventure beyond human understanding.

Professor Quanderhorn- James Fleet
Brian Nylon- Ryan Sampson
Dr Gemini Janussen- Cassie Layton
Guuurk- Kevin Eldon
Troy Quanderhorn- Freddie Fox
Winston Churchill/Jenkins- John Sessions
Synthetic Voice Rachel Atkins

Created and written by Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall
Directed by Andrew Marshall
Music by Peter Brewis
Engineered, Edited and Sound designed by Alistair McGregor
Production Manager: Sarah Tombling
Produced by Rob Grant and Gordon Kennedy
Recorded at The Soundhouse Studios

An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4.

10 days left to listen

28 minutes


Role Contributor
Professor Quanderhorn James Fleet
Brian Nylon Ryan Sampson
Dr Gemini Jannussen Cassie Layton
Guuuurk Kevin Eldon
Troy Quanderhorn Freddie Fox
Churchill John Sessions
Jenkins John Sessions
Synthetic Voice Rachel Atkins
Mrs Bessie Braddock (MP) Rachel Atkins
Writer Rob Grant
Writer Andrew Marshall