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Mummy! My Donkey's Head Is Exploding

Martian hostage Guuuurk (Kevin Eldon) risks his very sanity by mind-leaping into Troy (Freddie Fox), a half-insectoid touted as 'a major breakthrough in artificial stupidity'.

It's still 1952.

It's always still 1952.

The crew of Professor Quanderhorn (James Fleet) are about to have their space craft shredded like a savoy cabbage by a massive gravitational wave. Only Martian hostage Guuuurk (Kevin Eldon) can save them.

But will the self-declared 'miserable coward and despicable turncoat' risk his life and even his very sanity by mind-leaping into Quanderhorn's 'son' Troy (Freddie Fox), a half-insectoid, touted as 'a major breakthrough in Artificial Stupidity'?

Meanwhile, behind the post office in the nearby village, a glowing, throbbing meteorite is exuding a strange influence on the local inhabitants.

When Dr Janussen (Cassie Layton), Guuuurk, Troy and even Quanderhorn himself appear to be possessed by an alien intelligence, Brian (Ryan Sampson) is faced with a perilous dilemma.

And who is that peculiar hot chestnut seller who bears a startling resemblance to Prime Minister Churchill (John Sessions)?

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations - an adventure beyond human understanding.

An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4.

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28 minutes


Role Contributor
Professor Quanderhorn James Fleet
Brian Nylon Ryan Sampson
Dr Gemini Jannussen Cassie Layton
Guuuurk Kevin Eldon
Troy Quanderhorn Freddie Fox
Churchill John Sessions
Jenkins John Sessions
Synthetic Voice Rachel Atkins
Writer Rob Grant
Writer Andrew Marshall