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Hotel booking sites, Ticketmaster breach, Greener shampoo

The Competition and Markets Authority looks at hotel booking sites, we look at the Ticketmaster data breach, the lack of carbon dioxide in the UK, and are bars of shampoo greener?

The Competition and Markets Authority wants to bring hotel comparison websites into line.

Bimbyism - the new way of trying to get locals onside over planning issues.

We look at the reports of carbon dioxide and ask if it's just hot air.

There are warnings of more bank and building society branches disappearing from our high streets - so who loses out?

Descriptions for the blind - how smart phones help supply the information people need.

Solid bars of shampoo - are they the new green alternative to a plastic squeezy bottle?

And we look at the Ticketmaster data breach.


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  • Hotel Booking Sites

    The CMA wants hotel booking sites to improve its service

    Duration: 03:12


    The efforts to stop locals saying NOT IN MY BACK YARD

    Duration: 07:27

  • CO2

    More information about the CO2 shortage in the UK.

    Duration: 05:33

  • Bank Closures

    More are to go - so who loses out?

    Duration: 05:03

  • Blind Descriptions

    The volunteers crowdsourcing eyesight through a smartphone app.

    Duration: 06:01

  • Shampoo

    How repackaging shampoo into bars can help us to reduce plastic waste.

    Duration: 05:17

  • Ticketmaster Breach

    Months ago, online bank Monzo warned Ticketmaster about their date breach.

    Duration: 04:50


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