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A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day with Rev David Bruce.

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Tue 19 Jun 2018 05:43

PRAYER FOR THE DAY Tuesday 19th June

Good morning. Sailing is my hobby. I wish I could do it more. Our little boat is not a fancy thing with spacious cabins, gleaming decks with brass fittings and a white-clad crew pandering to our every wish. (I wish!) It’s a day boat, about 19 feet long with wooden spars, red sails, a lengthy pedigree and a gentle temperament which suits us just fine.

Naming a boat is a personal thing, and we have chosen the Irish word Saol for ours. I know it’s a pun, but the word is spelt S-A-O-L and often prompts the question from strangers who see these letters in Celtic script on the bow, “what does that mean?” The word Saol means “life”. It’s what happens to the boat when the wind comes and sends her on her way out to sea. At the merest gust, this rigid structure of wood and cloth and rope, shivers and leans, and then jumps eagerly forward as if to say, At last! this is what I was made for! We just go along for the ride as the water rushes by. The novelty of this magical experience hasn’t worn off, even after 50 years at the helm. 

But Saol also means what happens to us when we are aboard. Life is made better – more complete – even after an hour or two on the water. Smiles are more generous, eyes wider to see and appreciate new things, conversations amplified with new vocabulary. It’s easy to say, God is good when we have been for a Saol.

Lord God, thank you for the things which pour life into our days. May we know more of them, and enjoy them to the full. Amen