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London house prices, Non-stopping trains, Local markets

Can shopping at your local market really save your high street? We'll also look at the London housing market as well as how skipping stations might improve train services.

We've looked at Edinburgh and Belfast, now it's time to look at house prices in London - and meet those winning and losing by playing on the housing market.

Staying with markets - the government thinks shopping at your local market could save your high street. We'll ask the High Street Minister all about it.

Six months on from the collapse of Carillion, we find out what's happened to some of the major projects they were carrying out.

Train services in the North East could improve by just skipping past some of the stations, according to a new consultation paper. Our reporter has been taking a closer look.

And rum is the new gin....which was the new vodka....which overtook whisk(e)y....which replaced craft beer. Why is rum about to be the tipple of choice - and who decides what's going to be a big hit in the bars?



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37 minutes


  • Benefits System Equality

    Since the financial crash, inequality between the rich and the poor has plateaued.

    Duration: 04:18

  • London Property Prices

    We look into the state of play in the London's property market.

    Duration: 07:27

  • High Streets

    The High Street Minister tells us how market stalls could save town centres.

    Duration: 06:40

  • Rum

    We ask why pirate's plonk is fast becoming the spirit of choice.

    Duration: 03:33

  • Trains

    Could skipping train stations be the way to fix the new train services?

    Duration: 07:03

  • Carillion Aftemath

    Since the collapse of Carillion we ask what lessons have been learnt.

    Duration: 05:49


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