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30 July - 3 August 1918

Epic war drama set in Devon, in the week in 1918 when Allied forces arrived in northern Russia to support the White Army.

The seventh omnibus of Season 14, Needs Must When the Devil Drives, set in Devon, in the week, in 1918, when Allied forces arrived in northern Russia to support the White Army. On Dartmoor, meanwhile, Ivan lends Primrose a helping hand.

Ivan Jackson ..... Lloyd Thomas
Cathy Lawrence ..... Debbie Korley
Emily Colville ..... Scarlett Brookes
Effie Taverner ..... Lizzie Stables
Adeline Lumley ..... Helen Schlesinger
Hetty Cox ..... Adie Allen
Daniel Marriott ..... Jonathan Bailey
Morris Battley ..... Sean Baker
Isabel Graham ..... Keely Beresford
Amos Rutter ..... Richard Cotton
Silas Morrow ..... Shaun Dooley
Moses Wickens ..... Ed Gaughan
Ludwig Huber ..... Marcel Hagen
Ailsa Goodman ..... Emma Handy
Jocelyn Ogden ..... Christine Kavanagh
Isaac Cox ..... James Lailey
Cyrus Colville ..... Anton Lesser
Rose Fairweather ..... Helen Longworth
Victor Lumley ..... Joel MacCormack
Primrose Holden ..... Jade Matthew
Kitty Lumley ..... Ami Metcalf
Hardy Walsh ..... Damien Molony
Robin Bowder ..... Sean Murray
Hector Gidley ..... Brian Protheroe
Eli Lawrence ..... Michael Shelford
Gert Battley ..... Maggie Steed
Herald ..... Nick Underwood
Elspeth Taverner ..... Kelly Williams
Grace Cavendish ..... Grace Doherty

Written by Sarah Daniels
Story-led by Sebastian Baczkiewicz
Directed by Ciaran Bermingham
Editor: Jessica Dromgoole

Sound: Martha Littlehailes
Composer: Matthew Strachan
Consultant Historian: Maggie Andrews.

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58 minutes


Role Contributor
Ivan Jackson Lloyd Thomas
Primrose Holden Jade Matthew
Amos Rutter Richard Cotton
Isaac Cox James Lailey
Moses Wickens Ed Gaughan
Hector Gidley Brian Protheroe
Cathy Lawrence Debbie Korley
Effie Taverner Lizzie Stables
Eli Lawrence Michael Shelford
Robin Bowder Sean Murray
Jocelyn Ogden Christine Kavanagh
Emily Colville Scarlett Brookes
Hardy Walsh Damien Molony
Cyrus Colville Anton Lesser
Isabel Graham Keely Beresford
Grace Cavendish Grace Doherty
Herald Nick Underwood
Elspeth Taverner Kelly Williams
Morris Battley Sean Baker
Rose Fairweather Helen Longworth
Ludwig Huber Marcel Hagen
Gert Battley Maggie Steed
Adeline Lumley Helen Schlesinger
Victor Lumley Joel MacCormack
Kitty Lumley Ami Metcalf
Daniel Marriott Jonathan Bailey
Ailsa Goodman Emma Handy
Hetty Cox Adie Allen
Silas Morrow Shaun Dooley
Writer Sarah Daniels
Director Ciaran Bermingham
Series Editor Jessica Dromgoole


The Characters

The Characters

Set in Folkestone, Tyneside and Devon, meet Home Front's characters.