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Peter Stringfellow, Graham Corbett, Kate Spade, Lord John Julius Norwich, Eli Avivi

Tina Daheley on nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow, business leader Graham Corbett, fashion designer Kate Spade, broadcaster Lord Norwich and self-made president Eli Avivi.

Photo: Peter Stringfellow

Tina Daheley on the nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow, who introduced nude table dancing to Britain.

Graham Corbett, the first Chairman of Postcomm, and Eurotunnel's chief financial officer.

Kate Spade, American fashion designer who rose to fame with her range of handbags in the 1990s.

John Julius Norwich, aristocratic man of letters, historian, travel writer and broadcaster.

Eli Avivi, self-proclaimed president of the independent state of Achzivland in Israel.

Interviewed guest: Fiona Lafferty
Interviewed guest: Anne Corbett
Interviewed guest: Robert Peston
Interviewed guest: Artemis Cooper
Interviewed guest: Raffi Berg

Archive clips from: BBC Radio Sheffield, 2012; Archive Hour: Clubbin', 21/09/2002 Radio 4; God of the Week, 01/01/94 Radio 1; Richard Bacon: Peter Stringfellow and Adam Henson, 01/03/2011 5 Live; The Today Programme, 26/03/2001 Radio 4; The Today Programme, 03/10/02 Radio 4; Chronicle: The Fall of Constantinople, 25/11/1967 BBC TV; Round Britain Quiz, 20/09/93 Radio 4; Frogmore House: A Royal Retreat, 09/08/90 BBC TV; Desert Island Discs, 02/11/97 Radio 4.

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28 minutes

Peter Stringfellow

Born 17 October 1940; died 7 June 2018, aged 77. 

Last Word spoke to Fiona Lafferty, ghost writer of his autobiography.

Graham Corbett

Born 6 November 1934; died 27 April 2018, aged 83.  

Last Word spoke to his wife Anne Corbett, and Robert Peston, a friend of the family.   

Kate Spade

Born 24 December 1962; died 5 June 2018, aged 55. 

Lord John Julius Norwich

Born 15 September 1929; died 1 June 2018, aged 88.  

Last Word spoke to his daughter Artemis Cooper.

Eli Avivi

Born 27 April 1930; died 16 May 2018, aged 88.  

Last Word spoke to Raffi Berg, BBC News Online Middle East Editor.


Role Contributor
Presenter Tina Daheley
Interviewed Guest Fiona Lafferty
Interviewed Guest Anne Corbett
Interviewed Guest Robert Peston
Interviewed Guest Artemis Cooper
Interviewed Guest Raffi Berg