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Civil Disobedients

Episode 3 of 6

Josie Long presents stories of small radical acts from presidential campaigns to a poet helping re-imagine the world. From 2018.

A porcine presidential campaign, the feeling of freedom in a communal action and a Danish poet who helps you re-imagine the world - Josie Long hears stories of small radical acts.

Comedian and activist Mark Thomas talks about the feeling of liberty on a city street flooded with bicycles, we explore how Inger Christensen's words have fed into the imaginations of Danish activists, and we hear about Pigasus's curtailed political campaign.

Pigasus the Immortal
Featuring Abe Peck, Jim Lato and Judy Gumbo
Interviews by Sarah Geis

Inger Christensen
Produced by Maria Dønvang

Critical Mass
Featuring Mark Thomas
Produced by Sarah Cuddon

Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall

A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4, first broadcast in June 2018.

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