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#metoo, moi non plus

Catherine Guilyardi asks if French women really think differently about sexual harassment.

Do French women really think differently about sexual harassment - and if so, does feminism have national borders?

Catherine Deneuve was one of 100 prominent women who signed an open letter to Le Monde critiquing the #metoo movement.

"We believe that the freedom to say yes to a sexual proposition cannot exist without the freedom to pester," they wrote.

Have the French mastered a more sophisticated approach to relations between men and women, based around seduction - or is this a myth that sustains male power?

Parisian journalist Catherine Guilyardi investigates.

Producer: Estelle Doyle


Claude Habib - historian and author of "Galanterie francaise"

Elaine Sciolino - ex New York Times Paris bureau chief and author of "La Seduction" and "Rue des Martyrs"

Eric Fassin - professor of sociology, Paris-8 University

Sylvie Kauffman - editorial director and columnist at Le Monde

Sandra Muller - journalist and founder of #balancetonporc

Cécile Fara and Julie Marangé - feminist activists, organisers of the Street Art and Feminism tour in Paris

Fatima El Ouasdi - feminist activist and founder of Politiqu'elles

Peggy Sastre - philosopher of science and author of "Male Domination Doesn't Exist".

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