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Future Transport: ready for takeoff or overhyped?

News and discussion of consumer affairs. Trains, planes and autonomous cars - how will you be travelling around in 20 years' time.

In this special programme from California, we look at how transport is changing.

In 20 years, will we be travelling around in cars without drivers? Will we get to work in trains that glide on air and cover vast distances in minutes? Will we even be able to travel to space like tourists?

You'll hear directly from the tech entrepreneurs working on autonomous cars, and we'll ask how safe they are, after the death of a pedestrian in Arizona. We speak to the man who became the first consumer to ever ride in one and hear from the team hoping to bring them to the UK.

Can you imagine travelling down a tube in a pod at speeds of up to 700mph? We visit the engineers in Los Angeles who're working on new Hyperloop technology. Think of it like a train, but it glides using magnets.

Plus Sir Richard Branson in a spacesuit? The entrepreneur on his high hopes for space travel.

Presenter: Samantha Fenwick
Producer: Jess Quayle.

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45 minutes


  • Uber Crash and Safety

    National Transportation Safety Board enquire into the safety of self-driving Uber cars.

    Duration: 05:56

  • Driverless Tech

    The Unites States Department of Defence encourage the development of driverless vehicles.

    Duration: 07:52

  • Steve Mahan

    Motorists will soon be able to hire out autonomous vehicles, all through a mobile app.

    Duration: 05:10

  • Scooters

    Electric scooters are fast becoming San Francisco's most used form of public transport.

    Duration: 04:26

  • Hyperloop

    Sir Richard Branson shares his views about future technological transport advancements.

    Duration: 12:22

  • Space Travel

    Commander Chris Hadfield shares how close we are on space travel for ordinary people.

    Duration: 03:24


  • Mon 28 May 2018 12:15

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