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Germaine Greer, Rita Coolidge, Children and Weddings

Germaine Greer talks about the menopause, singer Rita Coolidge is in the studio, and children at weddings: invite them or not?

Germaine Greer talks about the menopause. Her book, The Change: Women Ageing and the Menopause first came out over twenty years ago and has now been fully revised and updated. You'll probably know that Woman's Hour recently did a whole series of programmes on the menopause and the response was overwhelming. Our own survey showed that nearly three quarters of the women we spoke to said they didn't have a strong understanding of menopause before they experienced it. It's just one of the aspects of the menopause that we'll discuss with Germaine.

As part of our coverage of the 8th Amendment Referendum in Ireland we speak to an independent organisation called The Transparent Referendum Initiative which is monitoring social media posts from both sides of the campaign. How worried should we be about pro and anti-abortion ads appearing on Facebook and YouTube, and when do they overstep the mark?

She's famous for the hit Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher And Higher. American singer Rita Coolidge joins us in the studio and talks about her career which has spanned 50 years.

We've got a big wedding coming up. Yes! The Royal one! But where do children fit into the big day? Invite them or not? Make them a bridesmaid, flower girl, page boy or leave them be and give them toys and entertainment? We discuss and hear your stories.

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