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Brian comes clean, and Kenton considers his actions.

Lynda is enjoying borrowing Bertha the bulldog and introduces her to Jill. She asks Jill what's going on between Shula and Alistair lately - Jill honestly hasn't a clue. Alistair sees to a horse for Shula and Jill pops by, pleased to see Alistair at the Stables. Alistair makes his excuses though. At the Bull, Kenton's a bit thrown at the sight of Bertha, despite their relaxed policy on dogs. Lynda says it's early days as to whether she'll get another dog to replace Scruff.

Alistair did indeed see Kenton and Shula in the sports car yesterday, and suggests that Shula is acting irresponsibly. Kenton sticks up for her but Alistair says her actions are affecting Jill and Dan and those family and friends whose support she'll need as she makes a new life on her own. Shula knows how hard it is for Jill to understand - but she makes it clear to Jill that there's no way back now with Alistair.

Adam quizzes Brian when he sees the land agent having more than a routine chat with him. Adam twigs that Brian is considering selling off some land, as he learns that the insurers aren't going to cough up. They could need to raise over 2 million pounds. Adam's annoyed with Brian for not sharing how bad the finances were looking. Adam assures Brian that he's on his side and will work with him to save the farm.

13 minutes

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Fri 4 May 2018 19:00


Role Contributor
Writer Simon Frith
Director Julie Beckett
Series Editor Alison Hindell
Jill Archer Patricia Greene
Kenton Archer Richard Attlee
Brian Aldridge Charles Collingwood
PC Harrison Burns James Cartwright
Neil Carter Brian Hewlett
Susan Carter Charlotte Martin
Alice Carter Hollie Chapman
Ian Craig Stephen Kennedy
Will Grundy Philip Molloy
Emma Grundy Emerald O'Hanrahan
Shula Hebden Lloyd Judy Bennett
Dan Hebden Lloyd Will Howard
Alistair Lloyd Michael Lumsden
Adam Macy Andrew Wincott
Jazzer McCreary Ryan Kelly
Freddie Pargetter Toby Laurence
Johnny Phillips Tom Gibbons
Fallon Rogers Joanna Van Kampen
Lynda Snell Carole Boyd
Lexi Viktorova Ania Sowinski
Hannah Helen Longworth
Beverley Alison Belbin
Jake Grundy Rob Redwood
Ellis Ryan Whittle


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