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Benjamin Zephaniah, Male suicide on Coronation Street, I Feel Pretty, Mircea Eliade

Benjamin Zephaniah on his memoir; male suicide on Coronation Street; a review of Amy Schumer's latest film, I Feel Pretty; and the long-lost novel by Romanian author Mircea Eliade.

In a BBC national poll Benjamin Zephaniah was voted the nation's third favourite poet of all times, after TS Eliot and John Donne, and the only living one in the top ten. Aged 60, the award winning playwright, novelist, activist and musician has published a memoir, The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah. He talks to John Wilson.

Coronation Street has just revealed that the character, Aidan Connor, will take his own life next week. Over the years soaps generally have not shied away from dealing with such controversial issues but do they always get it right when including them? Kate Oates, the producer of Coronation Street, and Emma Bullimore, the television and film critic, discuss this type of storyline.

The award- winning American stand-up comedian and actress Amy Schumer stars in a new film called "I Feel Pretty". Film and TV critic, Emma Bullimore, discusses the film and the appeal of Amy Schumer.

A lost novel by Romanian author Mircea Eliade was rediscovered in an attic and has just been published in English for the first time. Susan Curtis-Kojaković, the director of Istros Books who are publishing the novel, joins John to talk about its significance.

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  • I Feel Pretty

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Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah
Benjamin Zephaniah

His autobiography The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah is out now

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Benjamin Zephaniah
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I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty
Amy Schumer

I Feel Pretty is on general release from 4 May, cert 12A


Mercea Eliade's Gaudeamus is available through Istros Books


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Interviewed Guest Benjamin Zephaniah
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Interviewed Guest Emma Bullimore
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