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Sugar Tax, VIP Gambling, Boiler Cover

The sugary scandals our listeners are uncovering following the sugar tax on fizzy drinks. Plus the online bookie's reward schemes that entice gamblers to spend more.

We've reported how problem gamblers are given VIP status by online gambling firms and encouraged to spend more than they can afford. Today we hear how gamblers are entered into reward programmes that earn more points according to how much they spend. Gamblers say this amounts to encouragement to spend ever increasing sums of money.

The sugar tax on fizzy drinks is now in force and manufacturers and retailers have been applying it in a variety of ways. We hear from listeners who have uncovered some sugary scandals.

Shein, Romwe, NewChic, DressLily, SammyDress, ZLAY: these are clothing companies that advertise cheap fashionable clothes on the sidebars of websites. Where are the clothes coming from and how can they produce them at such low prices?

Scottish Power customers taking out boiler insurance say they are still waiting to have their boilers fixed since the cold snap and some are finding they're not covered at all because of clauses in the small print. Is boiler cover ever worth taking out?

Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Lydia Thomas.

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45 minutes


  • VIP Gambling

    How Coral failed to check a customer's income before making him a VIP gambler

    Duration: 14:54

  • Shein

    The Chinese clothing companies making waves in the fashion industry

    Duration: 06:19

  • Sugar Tax

    From sneaky charges for squash to putting the tax on diet drinks

    Duration: 05:10

  • Boiler Cover

    What do you do if your boiler provider won't fix it?

    Duration: 06:58

  • Milk Prices

    Lidl has struck a deal to guarantee milk prices with farmers for 3 years

    Duration: 04:54


  • Thu 19 Apr 2018 12:15

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