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Gillian Ayres, Efraín Ríos Montt, David Cobham, Nikki Sievwright, Fergus Anckorn

Matthew Bannister on artist Gillian Ayres, dictator General Efrain Rios Montt, naturalist David Cobham, model Nikki Sievwright and magician Fergus Anckorn.

Photo: Gillian Ayres

Matthew Bannister on

The artist Gillian Ayres, known for her large, exuberant abstract paintings, which reflected her exuberant character.

General Efraín Ríos Montt, the Guatemalan dictator who was convicted of genocide against his own people.

David Cobham, the naturalist and film maker who brought Tarka the Otter to the screen.

Nikki Sievwright, the Sixties model who went on to serve in the Ulster Defence Regiment.

Fergus Anckorn, who used his skill as a magician to win food for his fellow inmates in Japanese prisoner of war camps.

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Gillian Ayres

Last Word spoke to Mel Gooding, art critic and writer of her ‘monograph’ biography.

Born 03 February 1930; died 11 April 2018 aged 88.

General Efraín Ríos Montt

Last Word spoke to BBC correspondent Will Grant.

Born 16 June 1926; died 01 April 2018 aged 91.

David Cobham

Last Word spoke to his stepdaughter Sophie Jewry, and naturalist and filmmaker Eddie Anderson.

Born 11 May 1930; died 25 March 2018, aged 87.

Nikki Sievwright

Last Word spoke to her friend and ex colleague Susie Leon and friend William Peto.

Born 28 January 1943; died 12 March 2018 aged 75.

Fergus Anckorn

Last Word spoke to his friend and fellow magician Lance Corporal Richard Jones.

Born 10 December 1918; died 22 March 2018, aged 99.


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Producer Neil George