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Andy Hamilton

Aasmah Mir and the Rev Richard Coles are joined by award-winning comedian and comedy writer Andy Hamilton and former female bouncer Delia El-Hosayny.

Presented by Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles.

Andy Hamilton earned his comedy stripes at Cambridge, in the university's Light Entertainment Society, and has written and performed for a number of radio and television programmes from I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue and Drop the Dead Donkey, to QI, to Old Harry's Game, and the award winning Outnumbered. He discusses how he manages change.

Delia El-Hosayny recalls her 30 years as a bouncer, during which time such was stabbed, shot at and delivered a baby in a nightclub toilet.

Saturday Live listener John Simmons shares his family story. His parents temporarily 'adopted', Jesus, a child refugee from the Spanish Civil War. John later researched the story of the 4,000 children who came to the UK from Spain and found out what happened to Jesus and his sister when they returned home.

JP Devlin meets Ricky Valance - the 1960s star from a Welsh mining community who had a No.1 hit with the song Tell Laura I Love Her.

Historian Dr. Laura King describes her latest work around objects and testimony from families and various communities in Leeds, which has culminated in the exhibition Remembrance.

And Robert Peston chooses his Inheritance Tracks: Beethoven's Opus 131, and Still Crazy After All These Years by Paul Simon.

Andy Hamilton's tour Change Management runs from 21 May - 10 June.
Spanish Crossings by John Simmons, is out now in paperback.
Remembrance runs at the Abbey House museum in Leeds until December 2018.
Robert Peston's book WTF is published by Hodder.

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Presenter Aasmah Mir
Presenter Richard Coles
Interviewed Guest Andy Hamilton
Interviewed Guest Delia El-Hosayny
Interviewed Guest John Simmons
Interviewed Guest JP Devlin
Interviewed Guest Ricky Valance
Interviewed Guest Laura King
Interviewed Guest Robert Peston
Producer Louise Corley
Editor Eleanor Garland


Inheritance Tracks Podcast

Inheritance Tracks Podcast

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Listeners say thank you

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