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Bank fraud, Illicit drinks, Plastic bottles

If you are persuaded to give your bank details to criminals no matter how sophisticated the fraud, should you be held responsible? As online fraud increases, we discuss the issues.

Online bank fraud is on the rise and banks want us to do more to help stop it. They put out lots of information telling us never to reveal our PIN numbers or passcodes to anyone. But as criminals get more sophisticated it can be all too easy to be taken in. The Financial Ombudsman is looking into where the liability should fall after a fraud. Should the banks do more to protect our accounts? Or is it up to us to be extra-vigilant and keep up with the latest security advice?

When George Osborne announced he was introducing a sugar tax in 2016, most manufacturers of sweet drinks reacted by changing their formulas - but the recipes for Classic Coke and Pepsi remained the same. It's already started to have an effect on meal deals, where supermarkets have kept the price the same but put in smaller bottles of Coke and Pepsi. People on social media have reacted fiercely to the changes.

Music trends seem to be set on repeat. There's been a revival in vinyl record sales and in the sales of CDs. You may remember CDs, they didn't scratch like vinyl and the sound quality was really good. Sales of CDs fell away when people started downloading music files. Then streaming through the phone and computer took over using services like Spotify. New figures by the British record industry show that sales of all physical formats have risen for the first time since 2003. We hear from Mark Radcliffe from BBC 6Music why sales of CDs have risen.

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    Tesco has seen a huge rise in pre-tax profits - up 28%.

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  • Gross Negligence

    Review on rules on who should be compensated by banks for money lost through fraud.

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  • CD Sales

    Music trends seem to be set on repeat.

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    How would you feel about buying a chicken fed on flies?

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    Here on You and Yours, we've been reporting on problem debt

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  • Illicit Drinks

    Sugar tax. Will retailers absorb the higher price of sweet drinks?

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Debt Story Statement

A UK Finance Spokesperson told us:  “Lenders will signpost customers in financial difficulty to free and impartial debt advice organisations, and give them a 30-day breathing space to review their circumstances and find an appropriate way forward.

If a customer is struggling with their finances we would always advise they speak to their lender straightaway.”


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How do I avoid being ripped off by a scam?

How do I avoid being ripped off by a scam?

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