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The Natural History of Churchyards, the Pastor Fighting Crime, the Role of Women in the Church

In the second of a series of features about religion and the environment, Professor Stefan Buczacki calls on people to preserve the natural history in our churchyards.

There are more than 10,000 graveyards associated with the Church of England and more than half are managed solely because of their natural historical significance. Bob Walker met Professor Stefan Buczacki who explains why Churchyards are so important and why their Eco system needs preserving.

The spotlight is on London this week as violent crime rises month by month. Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, is a senior pastor at SPAC Nation church in the capital. He talks to Edward Stourton about strategies his church is employing to help reduce violence on the streets.

Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders have joined forces to call for a policy limiting benefits to families with more than two children to be scrapped. The Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell is one of the 60 Church of England Bishops who signed a letter to the Times this week.

The author and journalist Peter Stanford has been interviewing politicians and people in the public eye about their faith and beliefs for over 35 years. He explores why conversations about faith tend to be uncomfortable, even confrontational, and thus instinctively avoided.

Between Manchester's Victoria station and the Co-op's new glassy energy-efficient building lies a red brick building, 150 years old and a monument to Victorian philanthropy. The area is earmarked for a major redevelopment programme - Rosie Dawson looks at what this might mean for the building and the people it serves.

This Sunday a documentary on Channel 4, "Jesus' Female Disciples: The new Evidence" looks at the role of women in the early church. Theologians, Helen Bond and Tina Beattie examine the role women played then and now.

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