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Episode 1

Big cat expert Giles Clark adopts Maya a jaguar cub and hand raises her at home while raising funds for wild cats. But Maya’s health deteriorates and her life hangs in the balance.

Giles is embarking on his biggest mission to date: to turn the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent into a centre of global excellence for big cat conservation. He steps in to help Maya, a five-day-old black jaguar cub. Neglected by her mother, she is weak and vulnerable. Taking her home, Giles provides her with care around the clock. We get to know Maya, witness her developmental milestones and her relationship with Giles, his fiancée Kathryn and daughter Sam. At the sanctuary Giles has his hands full, improving the lives of the fifty cats that live there and working towards them becoming ambassadors for their wild cousins. Giles experiences the plight of big cats in the wild first-hand. He travels to Cambodia where he sees the dilemma clouded leopards are facing. The trip fuels Giles’s determination to want to raise awareness and much needed help. At the sanctuary Giles and his team plan their annual open days where they kick off raising funds. At home Maya is growing well and has started to move around the house but, suddenly her health deteriorates and she develops eyesight and mobility issues. She is rushed to a high-end veterinary hospital where at only 5 weeks old, her life hangs in the balance.

59 minutes


Saturday 08:30

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Role Contributor
Narrator Andrew Lincoln
Participant Giles Clark
Executive Producer Jo Shinner
Series Producer Tom Jarvis


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Willow and Maya in pictures

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Maya's early days in pictures

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