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Brenda Dean, William McAlpine, Keith O'Brien, Katie Boyle, Garech Browne

Matthew Bannister on union leader Lady Dean, businessman Sir William McAlpine, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, broadcaster Katie Boyle and folklorist Garech Browne.

Photo: Lady Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde

Matthew Bannister on

Lady Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde who, as Brenda Dean, was the leader of the print union Sogat during the bitter Wapping dispute of 1986.

Sir William McAlpine who combined running the family construction business with a passion for saving the UK's railway heritage, including the Flying Scotsman.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien who resigned as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh after apologising for sexual misconduct.

Katie Boyle, the TV and radio broadcaster who presented the Eurovision Song Contest.

Garech Browne, who devoted himself to recording and promoting Ireland's traditional music.

Archive clips from: WOMAN'S HOUR, RADIO 4 23/08/1981; A LIFE IN QUESTION, RADIO 4 21/12/2003; BBC NEWS, RADIO 4 24/02/2010; SUNDAY, RADIO 4 19/03/2012; THE REUNION, RADIO 4 25/08/2017; LEGENDS:THE CHIEFTAINS, BBC TV 14/03/2008; FRANCIS BACON: A BRUSH WITH VIOLENCE, BBC TV 28/01/2017.

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28 minutes

Sir William McAlpine

Born 12 January 1936; died 4 March 2018 aged 82.

Last Word spoke to Andy Savage, Executive Director of the Railway Heritage Trust and to fellow railway enthusiast, record producer Pete Waterman.

Brenda Dean, Lady Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde

Born 29 April 1943; died 13 March 2018 aged 74.

Matthew spoke to the journalist and writer, Julia Langdon.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Born 17 March 1938; died 19 March 2018 aged 80.

Matthew spoke to Reevel Alderson, BBC Scottish Home Affairs Correspondent.

Katie Boyle

Born 29 May 1926; died 20 March 2018 aged 91.

Matthew Sweet pays tribute.

Garech Browne

Born 25 June 1939; died 11 March 2018 aged 78.

Matthew spoke to writer Paul Howard who knew him.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Andy Savage
Interviewed Guest Pete Waterman
Interviewed Guest Julia Langdon
Interviewed Guest Reevel Alderson
Interviewed Guest Matthew Sweet
Interviewed Guest Paul Howard