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We recycle our plastics yet jet off on holidays, replace our lightbulbs then have another kid. Adam Buxton takes a look at our muddled ideas about environmentalism.

Recycle your plastics to replenish the rainforest; share showers to save the whales; turn your washing machine down 3 to give the polar bears a fighting chance!

Modern environmentalism is well-meaning, but horribly muddled. We diligently wipe out yoghurt pots and despair over plastic bottles.... yet jet off on holidays, buy new cars and pop out another kid, or three. We install solar panels, but eat imported guava. Replace our lightbulbs, but bin our batteries.
Do we have any idea which strategies are actually effective? Does anything work?

Adam Buxton digs down into our approach to saving the planet to see if anything makes sense.

Produced in Bristol by Emily Knight.

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Presenter Adam Buxton
Writer Adam Buxton
Producer Emily Knight