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Clarrie attempts to calm the waters, and Ruth finds herself frozen out.

Jennifer's worried about the children; it seems all of them are suffering as a result of this contamination. Kate calls to tell Brian exactly who's to blame for Spiritual Home's looming decline. Brian suggests that Jennifer calls Kate back after he put the phone down on her. Jennifer thinks they really need to come clean with the children now but Brian is convinced that everything will turn out well in the end. She just needs to trust him.

Ruth's calls at Home Farm again and she's not going to be fobbed off by Brian for a second time. Ruth explains that she's only looking out for Ruairi's interests as he asked her to do, but it's difficult when Brian is shutting her out. Brian's position remains firm though - Home Farm is a solid business and it's not going anywhere.

Clarrie thinks that Ruth has a point when she suggests getting Joe and Will in a room together to talk.
Clarrie engineers a meeting for them and when they do talk they reconcile. For the first time Will let's his anger be replaced by grief. Will confides to Joe that he is worried Poppy will forget Nic. Joe reminds him that Nic was a saint and that they won't let Poppy of anyone else forget it.

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Fri 9 Mar 2018 19:00


Role Contributor
Writer Naylah Ahmed
Director Jenny Thompson
Series Editor Alison Hindell
David Archer Tim Bentinck
Ruth Archer Felicity Finch
Josh Archer Angus Imrie
Brian Aldridge Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge Angela Piper
PC Harrison Burns James Cartwright
Chris Carter Wilf Scolding
Alice Carter Hollie Chapman
Toby Fairbrother Rhys Bevan
Joe Grundy Edward Kelsey
Eddie Grundy Trevor Harrison
Clarrie Grundy Heather Bell
Will Grundy Philip Molloy
Emma Grundy Emerald O'Hanrahan
Shula Hebden Lloyd Judy Bennett
Alistair Lloyd Michael Lumsden
Jim Lloyd John Rowe
Adam Macy Andrew Wincott
Jazzer McCreary Ryan Kelly
Kate Madikane Perdita Avery
Fallon Rogers Joanna Van Kampen
Lexi Viktorova Ania Sowinski
Philip Moss Andy Hockley
Michael Park David Seddon


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