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Trevor Baylis, Lerone Bennett Jr, Penny Vincenzi, Ian Aitken, Sir Roger Bannister

Matthew Bannister on inventor Trevor Baylis, historian Lerone Bennett, novelist Penny Vincenzi, columnist Ian Aitken and runner Sir Roger Bannister.

Photo: Sir Roger Bannister

Matthew Bannister on

Trevor Baylis, the eccentric inventor who came up with the wind up radio.

Lerone Bennett, the American academic who wrote many influential books on black history including "Before the Mayflower".

Penny Vincenzi the best selling novelist who told stories of glamorous heroines, romance and business intrigue.

Ian Aitken one of the UK's most influential political columnists. Jim Naughtie pays tribute.

Sir Roger Bannister, the neurologist who was the first person to run the mile in under four minutes. We'll find out what happened when he tried to help me do the same.

Producer: Neil George

Archive clips from: MATTHEW BANNISTER, Radio 5 Live 5.5.2004; TOMORROW'S WORLD, BBC TV 24.9.1997 and 15.4.1994; GO4IT, BBC TV 11.5.2008; ABRAHAM LINCOLN:SAINT OR SINNER, BBC TV 3.2.2011; RADIO 2 ARTS PROGRAMME 13.10.2000; KALEIDOSCOPE, RADIO 4 14.11.1995.

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28 minutes

Trevor Baylis

Born 13 May 1937; died 5 March 2018 aged 80.

Matthew spoke to his friend Bob Flowerdew and to David Bunting, Chief Executive Trevor Baylis Brands plc.

Lerone Bennett Jr

Born 17 October 1928; died 14 February 2018 aged 89.

Last Word spoke to his daughter, Joy Bennett and to Rev Jesse Jackson.

Penny Vincenzi

Born 10 April 1939; died 25 February 2018 aged 78.

Last Word spoke to her agent, Clare Alexander and to her friend, former Editor and fellow author, Harriet Evans.

Ian Aitken

Born 19 September 1927; died 21 February 2018 aged 90.

Jim Naughtie pays tribute.

Sir Roger Bannister

Born 23 March 1929; died 3 March 2018 aged 88.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Bob Flowerdew
Interviewed Guest David Bunting
Interviewed Guest Joy Bennett
Interviewed Guest Rev Jesse Jackson
Interviewed Guest Clare Alexander
Interviewed Guest Jim Naughtie
Interviewed Guest Harriet Evans
Producer Neil George