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Environment schemes on farms

The programme comes from a Gloucestershire farm involved in agri-environment schemes, which pay farmers to farm in a more environmentally friendly way.

Sybil Ruscoe visits Guiting Manor Farm in Gloucestershire to find out about agri-environment schemes, which pay farmers to farm in a more environmentally-friendly way. Payments are made as part of the EU Common Agricultural Policy, but different schemes exist in the different parts of the United Kingdom. We learn about the work done on this farm to try and encourage bird and insect life. We also hear from a farmer in Wales who receives payments under 'Glastir' - the Welsh government's scheme for administering agri-enviornment payments, and visit two Scottish farmers who explain their frustrations with the way the schemes work. What can be done to make them less complex and more appealing to farmers? And what will their future be after Brexit? Representatives from the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and from Gloucestershire University's Countryside and Community Research Institute also join Sybil on the farm to take part in the discussion.

Presented by Sybil Ruscoe and produced by Emma Campbell.

27 minutes


  • Sat 10 Mar 2018 06:30