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Uncertainty over US-North Korea talks

In-depth reporting and analysis from a global perspective. After news of the Donald Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un, will the talks actually happen?

The White House has insisted that President Trump won't meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un until Pyongyang takes concrete steps to end its nuclear programme. But what does South Korea think of the idea? And should Donald Trump meet Kim Jong Un at all? Former Obama administration member Evan Medeiros and James Carafano - who was with Donald Trump's transition team - debate the issue. The UN's human rights chief says Philippine President Duterte should see a psychiatrist, after Mr Duterte repeatedly slurred UN human rights investigators. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz the UN special rapporteur based in Manila says she fears that she could be the target of an extrajudicial killing. And a trip down memory lane, now largely absent from the high street, a brief history of the record shop.
Picture: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un shown on a TV screen at a railway station in Seoul
Credit: AFP/Getty Images.

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