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Rail compensation, Retail Council, Energy drinks

Consumer affairs programme. Rail companies are being forced to change what they tell passengers about claiming compensation for 'consequential losses'.

Train companies are to remove a clause in their terms and conditions that says customers are not entitled to claim for the knock-on costs of delays and cancellations, such as taxis and hotels. The consumer group Which? had complained that the clause could contravene the Consumer Rights Act.

Young people in the UK consume more high-caffeine energy drinks than in any other European country. MPs are today opening an inquiry into why that is, and the impact of consuming the beverages. UK supermarkets announced this week it was to ban under 16s from buying energy drinks.

As John Lewis announces a 77% drop in pre-tax profits, and New Look says it's closing 60 of its stores, we find out about the Government's plan for a Retail Sector Council, which it says will help the industry tackle the challenges it's currently facing.

Presented by Melanie Abbott
Produced by Natalie Donovan.

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  • Rail Compensation

    Train companies forced to provide clarity regarding delays and cancellation compensation

    Duration: 07:08

  • Champagne Package

    Champagne makers in France are developing a hybrid grape to combat global warming

    Duration: 07:56

  • The week in Retail

    During a gloomy week a new Retail Sector Council says it will fuel growth

    Duration: 10:39

  • Aviva Pensions

    Thousands of people with Aviva pensions have been having problems with their payments

    Duration: 05:26

  • Energy Drinks

    MPs investigate why young people in the UK are the biggest consumers of energy drinks

    Duration: 06:22


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