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Secondary ticketing websites, Tenants on benefits, Copycat websites

New guidelines for websites that resell concert tickets. Are mortgage lenders making it harder for people on benefit to rent a home? Plus copycat websites sentencing.

The advertising watchdog has issued new guidelines for websites that re-sell tickets for concerts and events. The Advertising Standards Authority says in future companies should always reveal from the start the total price of any ticket they sell. Artists and fans groups have complained that secondary ticketing sites sometimes misled customers by not being clear about extra charges and fees.

Are mortgage lenders making it harder for people on benefits to rent a home? A survey by the Residential Landlords Association suggests that two thirds of the biggest buy-to-let mortgage providers impose restrictions on landlords, so they can't let their properties to people who claim housing benefit. The housing charity Shelter says it is wrong for lenders to impose a ban like this, which takes no account of a tenant's actual ability to pay their rent. It follows a case recently reported on You & Yours, where a single mother successfully took legal action against a letting agent that turned her away because she clams benefit.

Six people have been jailed following a fraud involving so-called copycat websites. The sites charge people excessive fees to access public services which are available cheaper, or free of charge, on official websites. People were charged over the odds for things like passport applications or the London Congestion Charge. The websites were designed to look similar to official sites, leading some people to believe they were using the real government website. The convictions follow one of the biggest investigations ever undertaken by the National Trading Standards eCrime Team.

Producer: Jonathan Hallewell
Presenter: Melanie Abbott.

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