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The Church of the Holy Sepulchre reopens; International Women's Day; and the Hindu festival, Holi.

Hindus are celebrating Holi, the colour filled festival that celebrates the coming of spring and victory of good over evil. Sunday joins the celebration in Manchester.

This weekend Hindu's are celebrating Holi - the colour filled festival that celebrates the coming of spring and victory of good over evil. Rajeev Gupta reports.

Film Critic Richard Fitzwilliams reviews the new Mary Magdalene film staring Rooney Mara as Mary and Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Jesus.

Ahead of International Women's Day Yassmin Abdel-Magied named Queensland Young Australian of the Year in 2015 talks to Edward about empowering women.

A high court judge has granted an application for a judicial review of a senior coroner's "cab rank" policy in dealing with unexpected deaths, saying it raises issues of importance to Jewish and Muslim communities. Joshua Rosenberg explains.

This week the Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards are given to business leaders for their promotion of peace through interfaith knowledge and action. Edward speaks to Brian Grim, President of the Religious freedom & Business Foundation from Seoul.

How to dispose of old or damaged copies of the Koran is a sensitive issue and people have been accused of blasphemy for disrespecting the holy book. Secunder Kermani has been to Quetta in Pakistan to look at a project devoted to solving the problem.

This week the church of the Holy Sepulchre closed as a sign of protest and has since re-opened, journalist Jordana Miller explains why.

Last month the Vatican withheld permission for three key female speakers to address the Voices of Faith conference. Edward discusses why with Father Luke Hansen SJ (who will be taking part in Voices of Faith) and by Catholic journalist Caroline Farrow who agrees with the Vatican's decision.

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