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26-30 March 1918

The fourth omnibus of Season 13, A Woman's Place, set in Folkestone, in the week in 1918 when footballer Walter Tull was killed in the Spring Offensive.

The fourth omnibus of Season 13, A Woman's Place, set in Folkestone, in the week, in 1918, when footballer Walter Tull was killed in the Spring Offensive.

Alice Macknade ..... Claire-Louise Cordwell
Adeline Lumley ..... Helen Schlesinger
Marion Wardle ..... Laura Elphinstone
Ivy Monk ..... Lizzy Watts
Howard Argent ..... Gunnar Cauthery
Hermione ..... Amber Aga
Sophie Beckwith ..... Abbie Andrews
Esme Macknade ..... Katie Angelou
Ray Wardle ..... Isabel Barry
Gabriel Graham ..... Michael Bertenshaw
Edie Chadwick ..... Kathryn Beaumont
Juliet Cavendish ..... Lizzie Bourne
Constance Pettigrew ..... Phoebe Frances Brown
Hugh Cavendish ..... Pip Carter
Bill Macknade ..... Ben Crowe
Annie Fear ..... Kathleen Cranham
Sylvia Graham ..... Joanna David
Private Casey ..... Ryan Early
Hilary Pearce ..... Craige Els
Rose Allatini ..... Phoebe Fildes
Dorcas ..... Georgie Glenn
Inspector Forrester ..... Nigel Hastings
Captain Morrison ... Clive Hayward
Dicky Manchester ..... Roy Hudd
Jessie Moore ..... Lucy Hutchinson
Rev. Walter Hamilton ..... Joseph Kloska
Harry Toomer ..... Ian Masters
Kitty Lumley ..... Ami Metcalf
Peter Lumley ..... Beatrice White
Rev. Ralph Winwood ..... Nicholas Murchie
Olive Hargreaves ..... Rhiannon Neads
Dilys Walker ..... Ellie Piercy
Marieke Argent ..... Olivia Ross
Nell Kingsley ..... Alice St Clair
Dennis Monk ..... Sam Swann
Stella Wardle ..... Oliva Wales
Fraser Chadwick ..... Edmund Wiseman
Fryn Tennyson-Jesse..... Fenella Woolgar

Written by Katie Hims
Story-led by Sarah Daniels
Directed by Ciaran Bermingham
Editor: Jessica Dromgoole

Sound: Martha Littlehailes
Composer: Matthew Strachan
Consultant Historian: Maggie Andrews.

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58 minutes


Role Contributor
Alice Macknade Claire-Louise Cordwell
Private Casey Ryan Early
Harry Toomer Ian Masters
Esme Macknade Katie Angelou
Bill Macknade Ben Crowe
Captain Morrison Clive Hayward
Gabriel Graham Michael Bertenshaw
Eric Morton Paul Rainbow
Hilary Pearce Craige Els
Inspector Forrester Nigel Hastings
Adeline Lumley Helen Schlesinger
Sylvia Graham Joanna David
Sophie Beckwith Abbie Andrews
Annie Fear Kathleen Cranham
Rev Walter Hamilton Joseph Kloska
Nell Kingsley Alice St Clair
Kitty Lumley Ami Metcalf
Marion Wardle Laura Elphinstone
Fraser Chadwick Edmund Wiseman
Edie Chadwick Kathryn Beaumont
Ray Wardle Isabel Barry
Hermione Amber Aga
Fryn Tennyson-Jesse Fenella Woolgar
Stella Wardle Olivia Wales
Dilys Walker Ellie Piercy
Rose Allatini Phoebe Fildes
Ivy Monk Lizzy Watts
Jessie Moore Lucy Hutchinson
Dicky Manchester Roy Hudd
Constance Pettigrew Phoebe Frances Brown
Dennis Monk Sam Swann
Rev Ralph Winwood Nicholas Murchie
Rufus Sweeney Ryan Early
Dorcas Georgie Glenn
Howard Argent Gunnar Cauthery
Olive Hargreaves Rhiannon Neads
Hugh Cavendish Pip Carter
Marieke Argent Olivia Ross
Juliet Cavendish Lizzie Bourne
Writer Katie Hims
Director Ciaran Bermingham
Series Editor Jessica Dromgoole


The Characters

The Characters

Set in Folkestone, Tyneside and Devon, meet Home Front's characters.