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A Cow a Day

From sunrise on the banks of the Ganges river, a day in the life of a cow provides a meditative journey within the sonic backdrop of the ancient city of Varanasi.

the poet and radio producer Pejk Malinovski picks out a cow at random and starts to follow her. He continues to follow her until sunset.

The cow was here long before man arrived. Does the fact that human beings have maths, space travel and doughnuts really make us superior to all other beings on earth? What does the cow have that we don't have? Four stomachs. Hooves. A lot of patience.

A meditative journey unfolds within the sonic backdrop of the ancient city of Varanasi - until suddenly the two of them find themselves on the set of a Bollywood dance film.

A consideration of the nature of radio, a pondering of inter-species relationships, Pejk's programme invites you to un-follow your digital stream and exercise your ability to be just present.

Written and produced by Pejk Malinovski.
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio Three.

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