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The Grundys face a long night, and Toby offers support.

Eddie and Toby are on the night shift in the lambing shed, this time Toby's remembered to bring along some coffee and some urm, kefir? He was forced to buy it from the "Kefir Queen" otherwise he would never have gotten out of the shop.

At the hospital the doctor tells Will that Nic is suffering from a life-threatening condition called sepsis, also known as blood poisoning. They found a badly infected cut on her arm. Will interrupts - Nic had told him it was only a scratch. The doctor goes on to tell him that Nic's blood pressure is very low; dangerously low. The doctor goes on to tell him that Nic would like to see the children, Will says Clarrie can bring them in the morning but the doctor presses him, he shouldn't wait.

In the lambing shed Eddie gets a call from Will, he's distressed, Eddie tells him not to worry about anything except Nic, Eddie will bring the children in right away and call Nic's mother Beverley too.

Eddie arrives at the hospital with the children, the whole family, including Joe and Clarrie are there. Nic gives the children a kiss and then Clarrie takes them out of the room. Will tells Nic how much he loves her and that he'll go dancing with her every week, it won't matter how stupid he looks, she's just got to keep fighting.
Joe sits with Nic and tells her not to be frightened. Nic is distressed, says she has "been so bad," Joe reassures her, "she's not capable of bad". Then the alarms on the monitor start sounding and doctors rush in as Nic loses her life to sepsis.

13 minutes

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Fri 23 Feb 2018 19:00


Role Contributor
Writer Adrian Flynn
Director Julie Beckett
Series Editor Huw Kennair-Jones
Pip Archer Daisy Badger
Pat Archer Patricia Gallimore
Helen Archer Louiza Patikas
Brian Aldridge Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge Angela Piper
Neil Carter Brian Hewlett
Susan Carter Charlotte Martin
Justin Elliott Simon Williams
Toby Fairbrother Rhys Bevan
Joe Grundy Edward Kelsey
Eddie Grundy Trevor Harrison
Clarrie Grundy Heather Bell
Will Grundy Philip Molloy
Nic Grundy Becky Wright
Shula Hebden Lloyd Judy Bennett
Alistair Lloyd Michael Lumsden
Adam Macy Andrew Wincott
Fallon Rogers Joanna Van Kampen
Peggy Woolley June Spencer
Dr Ranasinghe Pooja Ghai


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