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New regulations for Airbnb style lets, Brownfield development, Voice assistants

Calls to regulate the industry that's built up around Airbnb style short term lets. Are voice assistants the next big thing? And how can more homes get built on brownfield sites?

Winifred Robinson asks: Do you know what you're getting into if you rent via the likes of Airbnb? Some MPs are calling for greater regulation of short term letting arrangements.
How is your energy supplier doing in the latest customer satisfaction survey?
The challenge of building homes on a brownfield site.
And do you really need a "voice assistant" in your life? Apple are now getting in on the act with their version.

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  • Pension Legal Action

    People persuaded to use pensions to buy high risk investments are given permission to sue

    Duration: 04:37

  • Air BnB Regulation

    A new bill is debated this week in the Commons over the regulation of short term letting

    Duration: 08:57

  • Phone Masts on Churches

    Church of England given permission to put mobile phone masts on spires in rural spots

    Duration: 04:25

  • Brownfield versus Greenfield

    For the first time in 25 years more homes in England are being built on greenfield sites

    Duration: 07:16

  • Voice Assistants

    A fifth of UK households are expected to soon own a voice assistant smart speaker

    Duration: 06:32

  • Energy Customer Satisfaction

    How is your energy provider faring when it comes to customer satisfaction?

    Duration: 05:47


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