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Late Junction Collaboration Session: Man vs Machine - Charles Hayward and Zamyatin

Nick Luscombe presents a 'man vs machine' collaboration session featuring drummer Charles Hayward and interactive improvising software Zamyatin.

A 'man versus machine' collaboration session exploring the relationship between technology and creativity. Can we create a digital version of the ideal Late Junction collaborator using computer code alone? We find out whether a piece of software, with parameters designed specifically for the show, can hold its own improvising alongside one of the leading left-field musicians of the last 50 years, drummer Charles Hayward, an artist who is known for collaborating with musicians from across the musical spectrum.

The interactive software Zamyatin has been developed by the musician Ollie Bown, and is inspired by cybernetics and complex systems science. It's at the forefront of automated improvisation in music, meaning it can respond to the music it hears in a flexible, unpredictable way.

We put Zamyatin and Hayward head-to-monitor in the BBC's Maida Vale studios, turn the mics on and see what comes out.

Nick Luscombe's tracks tonight include a classic human/technology duet from the 1970s - Stephanos Vassiliadis's 'En Pyri' for double bass and 8-track - while Haco's sounds of chimes and running water transport us far away from studios and machines.

Produced by Chris Elcombe for Reduced Listening.

1 hour, 30 minutes

Last on

Thu 18 Jan 2018 23:00

Music Played

  • A computer built by Alan Turing

    The first recording of computer-generated music

  • Dictaphone


    • APR 70.
    • Denovali Records ‎.
  • Charles Hayward, Zamyatin & Ollie Bown


    • Late Junction collaboration session.
  • Meadow House

    The Hermit

    • This should not be happening.
    • Feeding Tube Records.
  • Foch Delplanque


    • Secret.
    • Parenthèses Records.
  • Conlon Nancarrow

    Study For Player Piano No. 3a

    • Studies For Player Piano.
    • WERGO.
  • Anna Appleby

    The Impossible Piano Solo

    • BBC Introducing.
  • Charles Hayward, Zamyatin & Ollie Bown


    • Late Junction collaboration session.
  • Charles Hayward, Zamyatin & Ollie Bown


    • Late Junction collaboration session.
  • Willie Nelson

    Time Of The Preacher

  • Ryuichi Sakamoto & Yves Tumor

    Zure (Yves Tumor Obsession Edit)

    • Async - Remodels.
    • Commmons.
  • dedekind cut

    Cold Bloom

    • The Expanding Domain.
    • Dedekind Cut.


    • Coditany of Timeness.
    • Self-release.
  • Jana and Carl

    Looking Glass

    • Desatero.
    • Spotted Peccary/O3E records.
  • Béla Bartók

    Mikrokosmos No.113 Bulgarian Rhythm (1)

    Performer: Zoltán Kocsis.
    • Bartók: Mikrokosmos, BB 105, Sz. 107, Books 1-6.
    • Philips.
  • Dialeto

    Mikrokosmos 113

    • Bartók in Rock.
    • Chromatic Music.
  • Jason Moran


    • MASS {Howl, eon}.
    • Yes Records.
  • Stephanos Vassiliadis

    En Pyri (excerpt)

    • En Piry / Bacchae.
    • Holotype Editions.
  • Río Mira

    Estaban Llorando

    • Marimba Del Pacifico.
    • AYA Records.


  • Thu 18 Jan 2018 23:00

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