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Bar Mitzvahs in Old Age, Unregistered Faith Schools, 21st-Century Mosques

Hear why people have Bar Mitzvahs in old age. Plus the problems councils have closing down unregistered faith schools and a debate on what 21st-century mosques should look like.

The UN has called on Israel to scrap a new programme to force thousands of African migrants out of the country. Middle East Correspondent Yolande Knell has been speaking with some people effected and gives us the latest.

A Bar Mitzvah would normally be associated with a boy who is 13 and a Bat Mitzvah would be for a girl at the age of 12 or 13. The ceremony traditionally marks a child's coming of age. However, as we hear its becoming more common for older people to have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah; second time around or maybe for the first time.

Hackney Council have released a report into unregistered educational settings. They say gaps in current laws mean hundreds of children are not having a proper education and growing up without being able to read or write. Instead they are subjected to hours of religious doctrine. Hear more on the programme.

And the Sikh Federation UK have called for restrictions to be placed on any Indian government officials entering Sikh temples unless for private worship... we find out why.

Hundreds of churches across Germany are defying the state, opening their doors to offer refuge to more than six hundred asylum seekers facing deportation. And the numbers are growing. Dale Gavlak reports from Germany on growing tensions between churches offering refuge and public opinion towards refugees.

And what should mosques look like in the 21st Century and what role should they play in the lives of young Muslims? Dr Khadijah Elshayyal from the Alwaleed centre and Hassan Joudi, from the Muslim Council of Britain tell Edward why it's an issue now and what may be uncovered.

Producers: Rajeev Gupta and Amanda Hancox.

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