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FM switch-off, Pension withdrawals, Weight loss, Smart meters

FM switch-off date expected this year. And why energy companies might be breaking the law in their efforts to get us to sign up to smart meters.

Why energy companies might be breaking the law in their efforts to get us to sign up to smart meters.

The government said it would consider setting the date for switching off FM broadcasts once 50% of us were listening to digital radio. It's expected that we'll reach that 50% threshold later this year.

We hear the pros and cons of using your pension to start up or fund an existing business. More over 55s are using their pension funds in this way.

We'll hear from a listener who contacted us during our weight loss phone-in. She tell us her story and that losing weight wasn't all she expected it to be.

And why Northern Ireland's violent past is appealing to tourists...

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  • New Look

    The fashion retailer has lost its supplier credit insurance, is New Look in trouble?

    Duration: 02:21

  • Silver Startups

    Over 55s are using pensions to fund new businesses

    Duration: 08:33

  • DAB Radio

    The government could start drawing up a timetable for a digital radio switchover in 2018

    Duration: 04:03

  • Leashold

    Residents in London bought leasehold but discovered their neighbours are freehold

    Duration: 04:18

  • Ria Cohen on weight loss

    Ria tells us her story of how she lost 10 stone and the effect it had on her

    Duration: 06:13

  • Dark Tourism in Ireland

    Northern Ireland's violent past is a big draw for tourists

    Duration: 06:50

  • Smart Meters

    Energy companies are putting increasing pressure on consumers to get smart meters fitted

    Duration: 05:21


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