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It has never been more important for young people to have a good money awareness. Young Money blogger Iona Bain investigates what we should be learning and when.

Huge housing costs, a changing labour market, stagnant wages, and - for many - a massive burden of student debt. It's not surprising that some young people feel hopeless when it comes to their finances.

Despite financial education now being on the secondary school curriculum for all state maintained schools very little is known about whether it's helping improve money skills.

In this edition of Money Box, Young Money blogger Iona Bain investigates how money skills are taught, what we need to be learning, the role of parents as well as the best age to start.

Presenter: Iona Bain
Producer: Alex Lewis
Editor: Andrew Smith.

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  • Sat 23 Dec 2017 12:04
  • Christmas Eve 2017 21:00

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