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Max Clifford, Norman Baker, Tony Garrett, Virginia Surtees, Keith Chegwin

Matthew Bannister on disgraced publicist Max Clifford, adventurer Norman Baker, businessman Tony Garrett, art historian Virginia Surtees and TV presenter Keith Chegwin.

(Photo: Keith Chegwin)

Matthew Bannister on

The disgraced publicist Max Clifford who was known as the king of the kiss and tell story, made up many tabloid headlines and was convicted of eight charges of indecent assault against teenage girls.

The adventurer Norman Baker who sailed with Thor Heyerdahl from Morocco to Barbados on a papyrus raft called Ra II.

The businessman Tony Garrett who was chairman of Imperial Tobacco and a pioneer of sponsorship deals in sport and the arts.

The art historian Virginia Surtees who championed the pre-Raphaelite painters.

And Keith Chegwin, much loved children's TV presenter and entertainer.

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28 minutes

Max Clifford

Last Word spoke to journalist Simon Hattenstone, and BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan.

Born 6 April 1943; died 10 December 2017, aged 74.

Norman Baker

Last Word spoke to his son Mitchell Baker.

Born 18 November 1928; died 22 November 2017, aged 89.

Tony Garrett

Last Word spoke to his grandson Charlie Allen.

Born 4 July 1918; died 24 October 2017, aged 99.

Virginia Surtees

Last Word spoke to Oliver Basciano, International Editor of ArtReview / ArtReview Asia.

Born 9 January 1917; died 22 September 2017, aged 100.

Keith Chegwin

Born 17 January 1957; died 11 December 2017, aged 60.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Simon Hattenstone
Interviewed Guest Amol Rajan
Interviewed Guest Mitchell Baker
Interviewed Guest Oliver Basciano
Interviewed Guest Charlie Allen